approve harmony (tooie) wrote in violentgirllove,
approve harmony

Kin/Tayuya from Naruto
Word: 100

"Hey, you."

Tayuya purred as she crept towards Kin; her face darkened holding wicked thoughts, her smirk glistened with impatience, and Kin felt as if history was repeating itself.

She was right.

Tayuya punched her directly into bed, ruining the neatness of multicolored covers and sheets. She pounced on top of Kin, sitting on her stomach in a straddling position. Kin flinched at her mouth, blood already dribbling down her chin.

"Bitch," she started, her eyes looking up to the Sound member.
Tayuya leaned in close gently wiping the blood from Kin's mouth. "Fuck off, okay?"

Then she kissed her.
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